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The Tattle-Tale Wife | Writer Fever | Tattle tale, Real life, Wattpad

Both Mary and Katherine were mortified by the marinara sauce that splattered all over her once gorgeous sundress. Matthew's mouth shrunk, like he were trying to contain a grin. She nodded, too afraid to say anything. Matthew nodded along with her.

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As soon as Katherine left to the restroom, Matthew rose from his seat. We'll get you something free to go. XXX Mitchel laid back in bed, glad he was able to get two days off from work to enjoy his afternoons. He typed away at his smartphone. I love this app, Mitchel thought to himself. Just as he was almost done with his hobby, his phone rang. Its only 9'oclock Either the date went really well, or really bad.

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Mitchel paused. Crap, I should've matched him up with the emo girl. Are you sure? Apparently I'm smarter than average for a minority. Note to self, ask if a girl likes Donald Trump before matching them up with someone.

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Are you sure she wasn't joking, like how you and Victor always do? She was prejudiced. You racist bastard Prejudiced is being judgmental based on those same stereotypes from assuming that they're true. It was pretty obvious she wasn't joking. Matthew sighed again, "Mitchel, we work for capes, why is it that you're the one who always meets with the weirdos? But anyways, did you at least sleep with her? And what better hate fuck is there than from a racist fuck? Mitchel glanced down at his phone and shrugged. That guy needs to lower his standards.

Hope this didn't feel inappropriate. Last edited: Jun 20, Axle Jun 4, Reader mode. Mr Tebbs. Zentari There is no such thing as too much smug. Quite enjoyed that. More bonus points for the humor or to be more precise, how you tackled it. If she was thinking that way then why even date him? Well, that was It was extremely believable - both the casual racism, the reaction, everything about it. I'm seriously impressed, there aren't a whole lot of authors who can walk that middle line as well as you did. I doubt I could, and I pride myself on my writing ability. I'm really impressed by this whole story, and I'm surprised it doesn't seem to be getting much exposure.

Have you posted links up in the Worm rec threads? Helian05 said:. Last edited: Jun 5, I think that's how I found it actually. But yeah, this is great so far, and I'm looking forward to more, but I'd love to see some of the more critically-minded analysts on SB take a look at this story. They have a tendency to pick up on subtle little things that I don't always notice occasionally even when I'm the writer and it's always fun to get those extra perspectives.

I think I'm gonna throw a rec up on the recs only thread now actually. Andoric Prime. How it played out I have no issues with, but the Trump reference seems out of place. Worm canon takes place well before , so David Duke or prominent other 90s racists would be more appropriate. I would also argue Trump is more a nativist than a racist; any flag-waving hyphenated American would probably meet his approval. As odd as it might seem, I could actually see him as a big Miss Militia fan. Politics are weird.

Last edited: Jun 8, Andoric Prime said:. Side note: I'm considering replacing chapter 7 to reveal Matthew's history differently. Looking back, it feels odd that Matthew and Lisa talked casually about what happened to him in one sitting. I think it would've been better to have a sort of "transition" chapter, where Tattletale pulls up Matthew's profile on a computer before talking to him in chapter 8.

Just some thoughts I've had, I'm still deciding though. Last edited: Jun 10, Threadmarks Chapter 20 Threadmarks. Thursday Night Matthew laid on the floor with his hands stretched out towards the ceiling. Drowsiness was beginning to take its toll, and they'd finally learned to ignore Matthew's rants. Sabah tilted her head onto Lily's shoulder. She laughed at herself, "if the world is ending, then how come I feelz fine? Lily patted her on the forehead as though she were a small child, "If the world ends, I'll be happy just to have you by my side.

Lily shot her hands to cover Sabah's mouth. Sabah pulled Lily's hands away and blurted out, "so when are you both getting married? Her body wobbled as she stood up. It's gonna be on top of a hill, and we're gonna say our wedding vows just as the sun setsss. Lily asked, "Who should we invite? Sabah approached Lisa and poked the top of her head, "alright boss, I gotta hear this.

What's your dream wedding? Sabah was more fixated on her dream wedding than she ever was.


Hey Matt, what's your dream wedding? But between working for Coil and waiting for the world to end, it's all so pointless now. My friends would be there, I'd have doves released as soon as my wedding vows were said. Lisa smiled and looked up, "It was kinda nice, thinking about things like that. To be honest though, I've changed a lot since then. My tastes are different, and I wouldn't mind having a-" She cut herself off, and faced away from them, "small wedding Lisa leaned back on her chair and shook her head, "okay, you two have been pushing this on me all day.

Do you guys really wanna know why I'm not interested in him? Lisa stood up from her chair and walked towards Matthew. Matthew was sitting with his legs crossed and his back leaned against the wall. His head faced the ground, analyzing the floor design beneath him. Matthew is emotionally numb. She had realized it early, shortly after they'd met, "He isn't moved easily, and his emotions are fabricated for the sake of others.

I wouldn't go as far as to say he's a sociopath, but he does require effort to show empathy for the people around him. And when he does, it isn't real. At the end of the day, he just doesn't care about anyone, and that includes himself. She continued. That is to say, he can work with people well, but he hates the relationships that people entail.

He spoke smoothly, kindly, and genuinely, but at the end of the day, he didn't want to be a part of any of their lives. And it's not something that can be fixed by a few motivational words or getting a girlfriend, his mentality revolves around the idea that relationships are optional. To him, every person is alone, and being committed to someone is more suffocating than liberating.