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  2. Shipwrecks and Counterfeit Money: 10 Ridiculous Moments from THE BABY-SITTERS CLUB
  3. Here Come the Bridesmaids, SS #12
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A lot. And Bib Fortuna. So, not all that different from a non-evil episode, but please do be very careful with this one. Welcome to the City Council meeting for Palo City! Have you ever looked at a photograph that really made you laugh? Steve Matthews, born on January 9th, , is an American singer-songwriter originally born in Johannesburg, South Africa.

He is best known for performing as the lead vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist for the Steve Matthews Band. Hang ten, Riptide Babies! Bad news. Stacey is a crime girl again. The boys are elbows deep in Boethius this week as they take a trip with Kristy and the Krashers to a mansion that is haunted by the angry, vengeful ghost of The Patriarchy itself. Meanwhile, the Pike boys are living backwards, Mary Anne finds a runaway bride in a sewing shop, and a couple of experts drop by to offer their thoughtful, modern, and inspired expertise in what is sure to become an instant classic segment for our most fashion forward listeners.

As usual, a surprising and possibly unwelcome amount of poetry, and this week … some insight into what may have happened on those fateful days leading up to June Spoilers for Beastmaster. Most importantly, prepare to solve the perplexing CONUNDRUM of whether the boys are going to find an insanely complex and breathtakingly chaotic way of doing segments, which are traditionally supposed to provide structural simplicity and order!

Oh, also, prepare to cry, because this one's a sad one.


The Baby-Sitters Club Movie. Economy of Holes! Bread theory! Living Dolls! Magical Owls!

Shipwrecks and Counterfeit Money: 10 Ridiculous Moments from THE BABY-SITTERS CLUB

All that and more! This is a time for sobriety and reflection as the boys gaze bravely into oblivion. Shattered by the loss of a dear, innocent friend who was betrayed by those who should have protected him, they must step forward, alone, into a future devoid of Super Specials.

But before they do, a loving look back at this really great final book! This book was a banger. Meanwhile, back in Stoneybrook, Mallory has alienated a potential client by mishandling a tantrum. Are these two crises treated with equal gravity and concern in this novel? Because this is the Baby-Sitters Club, and, frankly, Stacey is expendable. Have fun and be careful! Live at Littlefield in Brooklyn, NY, the boys dig deep into one of the greatest mysteries of all time: What the heck is going on with ghostwriter Jeanne Betancourt and her twisted blood orgies?

It may just be part of her writing process for these Super Mysteries, in which case it worked! Plenty of spooky ghosts, scary vampires, and unsavory teenage boys in this one, not to mention a whole mess of parades, because Stoneybrook has finally gone fully off the deep end. This is the first and therefore, currently, best BSCC live show! Avoid this one if you're scandalized by wine crimes. This week, Tanner and Bolphunga the Unrelenting are trying something a little different! Put a dollar in your Pete jars, folks, because the boys are talking about the Pete Lerangis Super Special so nice … they read it twice!

For most of the girls in the Baby-Sitters Club, the moment Kristy entered their lives, everything changed, because when you meet Kristy Thomas, all your problems seem to disappear.

Here Come the Bridesmaids, SS #12

Stacey and Mary Anne are headed back to the scene of the crime. To the place where it all started, all those years ago. And the consequences of this return to the past will be cataclysmic. Why has Hodges painted Stacey with a pained grimace on her face as she and Sam dance? The boys dig into these pressing questions, with a short break to say a painful goodbye to a sad, old aquatic friend. Pilot two of three!

Meanwhile, Stacey gets trapped in a car, Kristy has to hide her pajamas from Bart, and the horrifying Hounds of Tindalos are back again to drain your fluids with their hollow proboscises. And a brand new rule in the Wandering Frog People game! For this bonus Holiday Special episode, the boys delve into a book that Ann has been trying to keep secret from us. A book so dangerous that it may hold the key to the door that forever opens our Snow Globe world to the powerful alien presence that skulks on its periphery, sniffing at the human souls it longs to possess, reaching with its tendriled hands towards all the little girls and boys building snowmen and roasting chestnuts over an open fire — oblivious to the terrors that lurk just a chimney's length away.

The book is Ann M.

He's real, and he's coming to get you. Happy Holidays! This week the girls of the BSC fuggedaboutit! The BSC is undeniable this week. Except of course when Stacey is committing Surf Crimes, Car Crimes, and a whole host of other felonious activities. Oh, also, an ancient evil is back, so prepare to be scared!

The pilot episode of the Sweet Sweet Valley Boys brings you deep into the heart of Sweet Valley, a mysterious enclave in a dystopian future where America has fractured into warring city-states and sentient machines stalk what remains of the continent. To make matters worse, Elizabeth wants to invite Todd to the dance, but Jessica is getting in her way by spreading lies! Meanwhile, Steve is bringing shame to the whole Wakefield clan by dating someone from the wrong side of the tracks, and Rick Andover is busy being as dangerous as he is handsome.

Which is a lot. Also, the school is alive. Listen in as the boys immerse themselves in the confusing and frightening world of Sweet Valley High.

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Will Leicester Lodge prove to be a mausoleum of ice? Will Claudia date an adult man, even though he has a wife and children? Welcome to Lake Whatever, where every man, woman, and baby-sitter who swims in its waters must come face-to-face with their greatest fear. A totally new IP and concept brought to you by Jack Shepherd and Tanner Greenring, two promising young podcasters with a lot to prove.

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And as the great fire spreads, its indifferent tendrils creep towards some very familiar figures: The people of Stoneybrook, who stand arm in arm against the encroaching terror; Ann and her extraordinary ghostwriters, who are helpless to prevent it; and Mary Anne, whose tears have come too late. Also, the boys talk about their favorites from Queer Eye! Kristy's trying to organize the BSC to enter a baby-sitting contest from a magazine, but Ann has other plans: To burn it all to the ground. Oh, and Mary Anne's house is alive.

And it's calling to her. And no matter what we do to hold it back, the cleansing fire will consume us and transform us.

All episodes of The Baby-Sitters Club Club - Chartable

But not before we graduate from Cool School! Welcome to part one of two episodes that will change the course of human history. You thought! Jack needed an extra week to work on the final episode s.

Reward Yourself

Instead, you get this special treat! We hope that your time at our school is productive and useful, especially you young men out there. Only a monster would even ask the question. Also, explicit warning: Arm stuff.

BRIDESMAIDS (2011) Movie Clip - Dress Fitting Food Poisoning -FULL HD- Melissa McCarthy

Ever wished you could spend 30 full minutes hearing two grown men argue heatedly about the difference between a little sister and a middle sister? This one goes out to Boo-Boo. What a life to take. What a bond to break. Also, Bee Theory may be wrong. Wedding bells are ringing on both coasts. Dawn's dad is getting married in California, and Mrs. Barrett a favorite BSC client is getting married in Stoneybrook. Looks like a job for the Baby-sitters Club! Mary Anne , Kristy , and Claudia are flying out to help with the California wedding.