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La tua idea è stata salvata!

Nothing in the foregoing shall be construed as empowering or enabling the company to carry out any activity or service which requires a licence or is otherwise regulated under the Banking Act , the Financial Institutions Act , the Investment Services Act, , the Insurance Business Act, and the Insurance Brokers and other Intermediaries Act, without a licence or other appropriate authorization from the respective competent authority.

The foregoing objects shall be constructed consistently with and subject to the provisions of the Companies Act, Status of Company The Company is a private limited liability Company and accordingly; a.

Provided that where two or more persons hold one or more shares in the Company jointly they shall for the purpose of this Article be treated as a single member; c. Regulations 14, 36, 38, 40, 41, 45, 48, Interpretation In these regulations the word "person" is deemed to include any corporate body, firm, partnership, or other body of persons, whether corporate or unincorporate unless the context otherwise requires or unless such interpretation is contrary to law. Words importing the singular number shall include the plural number and vice versa and words importing the masculine gender only shall include the feminine gender.

Share Capital and Shores 1. Unless otherwise provided for in terms of issue each Ordinary Share in the Company shall give the right to one vote at any Genera! Any shares whether part of the original capital or any increase in capital before they are issued are to be offered to the existing holders of Ordinary Shares in the Company in proportion as nearly as may be to the number of Ordinary Shares held by each such holder of Ordinary Shares.

The Company is authorised to issue preference shares, with whatever denomination used and any redemption of such shares shall take place at par with no fixed date of redemption in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act, and subject to any specific conditions which may be included in any extraordinary resolution approving such redemption of shares.

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The said preference shares shall carry no voting rights. Members may pledge their shares in the company in favour of any parson for any obligation. Transfer and Transmission of Shares 6. The other holders of Ordinary Shares shall have the right to purchase such shares and should more than one 1 holder of Ordinary Shares desire to take up the offer such shares shell be distributed amongst them in proportion as nearly as may be to the number of shares held by each. Such offer is to be made through the Board of Directors of the Company, which within thirty 30 days of receipt of such offer to transmit it by registered mail to the holders of Ordinary Shares in the Company, together with the Auditor's report establishing the "fair value" of such shares, allowing each holder of Ordinary Shares fifteen 15 days to indicate the number, if any, he is willing to purchase.

Any holder of Ordinary Shares not replying to the offer by registered mall within the specified ported will be considered to have declined the said offer. Transmission "causa mortis" shall be allowed to the spouse or children of the deceased member and no right of pre-emption shall exist in such an event e. Acquisition of Own Shares 7. Subject to the provisions of the Act, the Company is authorised to purchase its own shares.

Issue of Fresh Shares 8. The company in general meeting may by means of an ordinary resolution authorise the Board of Directors to issue shares up to a maximum amount of the company's authorised share capital over a period of five 5 years. The Company may, at a general meeting, renew such authorisation for further five 5 year periods. General Meetings 9. Subject to the provisions of the Act, the Company shall in each year hold an annual general meeting at such time and place as the directors shall appoint.

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The directors may, whenever they think fit, convene an extraordinary general meeting, and extraordinary general meetings shall also be convened by the directors on toe requisition of any member. If the directors fail, for any reason, to convene the meeting within twenty-one 21 days from the date of the deposit of the requisition, the requisitionist may himself convene the meeting in the same manner, as nearly as possible, as that in which meetings are to be convened by the directors. Notice of General meetings A general meeting of the Company shall be called by fourteen 14 days' notice in witting at the least.

The notice shall be exclusive of the day on which it is served or deemed to be served and of the day for which it be given, and shall specify the place, the day and the hour of the meeting, and in case of special business, the general nature of that business, and shall be given in the manner hereinafter mentioned, to such persons as are, under the regulations of the Company and under the Act, entitled to receive such notice from the Company.

Europa, Una Pazienza Attiva: Malinconia E Riscatto Del Vecchio Continente

Provided that a meeting of the Company shall, notwithstanding that it has not been convened as aforesaid, be deemed to have been duly called if it is so agreed by all the members entitled to attend and vote thereat. The accidental omission to give notice of a meeting to, or the non-receipt of notice of a meeting by, any person entitled to receive notice shall not invalidate the proceedings of that meeting. A notice may be given by the Company to any member either personally or by sending it by registered mail to his registered address in Malta or abroad.

Where a notice is sent by post, service of the notice shall be deemed to be effected by property addressing, prepaying and posting a letter containing the notice, and to have been effected in the case of a notice of a meeting at the expiration of forty-sight hours after the letter containing the same is posted and in any other case at the time at which the letter would be delivered in the ordinary course of post.

No other person shall be entitled to receive notices of general meetings. Proceedings at General Meetings Unless otherwise expressly provided by law, all business shall be deemed extraordinary that is i transacted at an extraordinary general meeting; or ii that is transacted at any annual general meeting with the exception of declaring a dividend, the consideration of toe accounts, balance sheets, and the reports of the directors and auditors and the appointment of and the fixing of toe remuneration of the auditors.

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The chairman, if any, of the Board of directors shall preside as chairman at every general meeting of the Company. If there is no such chairman, or if he shall not be present within fifteen minutes after the time appointed for toe holding of the meeting, toe members present shall sleet one of the directors to be chairman of the meeting. The chairman may, with the consent of any meeting at which a quorum is present and shall if so directed by the meeting adjourn the meeting from time to time and from place to place, but no business shall be transacted at any adjourned meeting other than the business left unfinished at the meeting from which the adjournment took place.

When a meeting is adjourned for thirty 30 days or more, notice of the adjourned meeting shall be given as in the case of an original meeting. Save as aforesaid it shall not be necessary to give any notice of an adjournment of the business to be transacted at an adjourned meeting. Votes of Members Subject to any rights or restrictions for the time being attached to any class or classes of shares, on show of hands every member present in person shall have one vote and on poll every member shall have one vote for each share of which he is the holder.

On a poll, votes may be given either personally or by proxy. At any general meeting a resolution put to the vote of the meeting shall be decided on a show of hands unless a poll is before or on the declaration of the result of the show of hands demanded: a. By the Chairman; b. By any member present in person or by proxy The instrument appointing a proxy shall be in writing and shall be either i presented to the Chairman at the meeting at which it is to be used or ii if there is no chairman in office deposited at the registered office of the company not less than twenty-four 24 hours before the time for holding the meeting at which the persona named in the instrument proposes to vote.

A proxy need not be a member of the Company and in no case may a member of the Company appoint more than one proxy.